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YPJimH’s Predictions for the 2010 MLB Playoffs…

It is that time of the year baseball fans, October baseball! The weather is brisk, and each game is that much more important. For me, that means that I can actually sit through a whole baseball game without turning the channel…lol. This year there are many solid teams with a good chance to win it all. Along with the great teams, there are many story lines that will be answered as the playoffs roll along. Will the Phillies be able to recapture the magic of 2008, with the 3 headed pitching monster that is Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and a rejuvenated Cole Hamels? Will the Yankees be able to capture their 28 World Series title, and go back to back. Are the Devil Rays legitimate contenders that is capable of winning the whole thing? Will the San Francisco Giants inexperience play a factor even though they have a tremendous pitching staff? Here are my predictions for the 2010 MLB Playoffs!

NL Divisional Series

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Cincinnati Reds

In this series, I see the Phillies experience playing a major factor. The core Phillies have been there and done that, whereas the Reds are very young, and have not been in this position in a very long time. They are the feel good story of the year, but there luck is about to run out. At the end the Phillies pitching staff, experience in the postseason, and big bats will be too much to overcome.

Phillies in 4

San Francisco Giants vs. Atlanta Braves

I predict a hard fought series that will go down to the wire. I think these teams are pretty even, and match up very well with one another. Both teams will not go down without a fight, especially the Braves, since this is the last season Bobby Cox will ever coach. Even though, the Braves will play their heart out, I believe the Giants pitching staff of Lincecum, Matt Cain, and Jonathan Sanchez will be the difference.

Giants in 5

AL Divisional Series

NY Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins

NY Yankees are the world champions until proven otherwise, and unfortunately for the Twins they had to match up with the champions in the divisional series. The Yankees have owned the Twins in the past, and nothing will change this year. I see the Yankees making quick work of the Twins, especially because one of the Twins best players Justin Morneau will be out for the playoffs. Better luck next year Twins fans!

Yankees in 3

Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Cliff Lee was acquired during mid season for this sole purpose, the playoffs. Unfortunately he cannot pitch all the games, because they would need him to, in order for them to have a chance. I believe the Devil Rays, have too much swagger, with Longoria, Crawford, and Upton. They know they are good, and will not disappoint. I see the Devil Rays pitching staff wearing out the Rangers as the series progresses.

Rays in 4

NL Championship

Phillies vs. Giants

I believe this will be a great test for the NL Champions. This will be a hard fought series that will challenge both teams, but I see the Phillies experience, great pitchers, home field advantage, and veteran leadership as too much of an obstacle for the upstart Giants. The Giants will put up a good fight, but it is clear that the Phillies is the best team in NL, if not in the MLB.

AL Championship

Yankees vs. Devil Rays

The Devil Rays are not scared of anyone. They have beat the Yankees in the regular season, and have some great players on their roster. The Yankees, are the Yankees, and have basically the same team that won the World Series last year. This series will be epic, and I even see a few altercations as the series progresses. These teams are very familiar with one another, so there will be no surprises. I see this series going the distance, with the Yankees surviving at the end due to home field advantage, and a slightly better team. The better team always prevails in a 7 game series.

Yankees in 7

World Series

Phillies vs. Yankees

This is a rematch of last year’s World Series, but a few things have changed for the Phillies. Some guys with the first name “Roy” have been added to their team. Last year, I think the Phillies made it to the World Series because of their big bats, and because the NL teams were not very competitive. But this year, I believe the Phillies, have the pitching, swagger, and experience to match up with anyone in baseball that includes the Yankees. Actually, the Yankees this year may have to match up against the Phillies. The Phillies are the hottest team in baseball, and have the right pieces to win it all.

On the flip side, the Yanks are the defending champs and are no slouches themselves. It is contract year for their captain Derek Jeter, and he will no doubt have his team ready to play. They have veteran pitchers that have pitched on the big stage, year in and year out. They also still have this guy named Mariano Rivera as their closer.

All of this will make for exciting baseball! Last year, the Phillies lost in 6 games. This year, the Phillies will be too much for the defending champs and be the victor. The Phillies possess a certain magic, and will deny the Yankees their 28th banner. Phillies in 6! Get ready for a parade down Broad Street Philly fans!!!

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