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Simple, Fun, Summer Time Ideas!

Don’t you just love summer? Summer is the time when the sun stays out a little longer and when you can’t help but to be outdoors.  Summer represents bbq’s, beach days, vacations, road trips, exploration, outdoor sporting events / activities, long nights, beautiful sunsets and so much more. I’m definitely learning to appreciate every moment of summer because it just flies by so quickly. Here are some suggestions that you may want to try during your summer to make it more memorable. Don’t forget to take pictures! :)

Outdoor Sports Activities / Water Sports

Traditional sports such as softball, soccer, flag football and basketball (my personal favorite) are always popular choices. You can also try sports on the beach like volleyball, ultimate Frisbee or just throwing a football around. Also, playing with teams, friends, and family may offer an even greater excitement because you will be pushing one another.

Hiking is an easy, affordable way to soak up the beauty of the great outdoors. I’ve done big hiking trails in the Pocono’s and upstate New York before, but there are smaller trails around your way. This is a cost friendly activity and you can enjoy the great outdoors at the same time (don’t forget the bug spray). Rock Climbing is a great alternative if you’re not afraid of heights and enjoy extreme activities (I’m good though lol).

When you’re looking for a laid-back outing, try casual swimming, canoeing, or paddle-boating on a lake. But if you feel the need for speed or thrill, jet skis or white water rafting can be an alternative. Going fishing is a great way to relax the mind and spend quality time with loved ones.

Riding a stationary bike and running on a treadmill can be boring. Why not go out for a ride or run outdoors? You get some fresh air and can enjoy the scenery around you. When riding a bike or running outside, you are not so focused on the distance but more so your surroundings.This is a simple way to enjoy a great workout!

Attend Festivals

Find a local festival. There are festivals of all kinds and that are hosted through out the summer. Blocks are filled with great food vendors and people. Do your research to enjoy diverse foods while enjoying the day/night outdoors. 

Explore Small Cities in your Area

Take a mini-vacation in your state or surrounding states. There are many intriguing small towns in your area, you just have to do some research and explore! Just in the past month, I explored some interesting small towns such as New Hope, PA, Pleasant Point, NJ and Kennett Square, PA. They were some intriguing small towns that all had their own unique character. You don’t have to get on a plane to explore, it may be only a 45 minute drive away.

Host a BBQ!

BBQ are always fun. You can spend time with loved ones while enjoying food and drinks! What’s not to love???

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