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Memo to YPBlogSpot Supporters


          We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been supporting the YP movement thus far.  We started this site just about a year ago and we are very proud of what we have done and are excited for where we are about to go.  With your continued support we are confident that YPBlogSpot can become the movement we intended it to be when we started this a year ago.  Me and the other co-founders are very grateful for that support and look to reciprocate our gratitude for the rest of 2010 and beyond. 

          With that said, we have decided to take a mini hiatus from the daily updates to revamp the site and hopefully improve upon our foundation.  We are proud to point out that we do have over 750 posts of motivation, personal blogs, and music for your enjoyment so please take this opportunity to check out what you’ve missed.  We will return sooner than later and hopefully be better than ever!!!  In addition, we will continue to encourage guest bloggers to share content with YPBlogSpot supporters.  YPBlogSpot will also continue to promote events/artists that we have already established relationships and partnerships ongoing.  Thanks again for your support and stay tuned for the new and improved YPBlogSpot.

Best Regards,

YPRichB, YPRuck, YPJimH, YPDSing


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  • Drew-Shane 07/13/2010, 8:18 pm

    can’t wait to see the change. keep up the good work guys!

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