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Apply These Words of Wisdom To Your Life…

  1. Treat others how you would like to be treated, even though some may be difficult.
  2. Give back to others, the more you give the more you get in return.
  3. Live within your means, buying more does not equate to happiness.
  4. Face your fears head on. Step outside your comfort zone to help eliminate fear, anxiety and negative thoughts that can stand in your way of success.
  5. Re-evaluate events in your everyday life. Tell yourself that maybe things aren’t so bad.
  6. Practice mindful mediation. Allow feelings and thoughts to pass through your mind without judging or reacting to them; that helps create a sense of detachment from negative experiences.
  7. Take control over how you feel instead of letting feelings control you. A sense that you control your destiny can help you bounce back from setbacks and maximize your enjoyment of life.
  8. Laugh. Use positive feelings to counter negative ones.
  9. Be fully engaged. Get involved in activities that are meaningful to you, whether it’s a career, hobby, sport or volunteering.
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  • Shardae' 10/15/2012, 11:22 am

    AWESOME! *high five*

  • Neva Jacobs 04/12/2013, 4:09 pm

    Often we forget that happiness and finding enjoyment in life can be simple and quite frankly easy by just redirecting our energies and activities to more positive avenues. Thank you for reinterating to us that we are in control of our destiny. Thank you for reminding me to remind myself I can only control my own actions and reactions but those 2 alone are powerful. :)

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